IN EARLY 2019, R4R began operating on the greek island of samos to support the residents of vathy camp...

Initially, our Samos based team supported the collection of waste within the camp to improve hygiene and living conditions. After assessing the needs on the island, R4R’s Free Shop was opened to enable a more dignified method of distributions, enabling refugees and asylum seekers to choose from a variety of essential non-food items. We also expanded our distribution capacity with a new warehouse space being established to support both R4R and other actor’s distribution efforts. 

In 2021, our current operation focuses solely on the management of the largest warehouse on the island. Over 50,000 non-food items per month leave our warehouse to enable distributions from other actors while also supporting our projects on Lesvos and in Athens when needed. Our team also plays a core role in emergency response efforts, supporting both the refugee and local population in times of natural disaster and in-camp emergencies. 


The warehouse is the main hub for our entire operation on Samos, all of our projects and the support we provide on the island feeds back directly to the R4R warehouse team’s ongoing work. Grass-roots and INGOs operating on the island can request items for upcoming distributions, which we ensure are properly sorted and packed before they are delivered or collected. 

Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we receive frequent shipments of essential items from individuals and organisations all around the world. Such donations enable the constant provision of aid to refugees, asylum seekers and the local community on the island. Our volunteer team also supports other actors in conducting their distributions, assisting in registration, line management and the final distribution of NFI packs. 

If you would like to contact our team to discuss providing items to be distributed from our warehouse, please visit the contact us page.


From 2019 to 2020, our team operated a Free Shop near Vathy camp to provide a more dignified method method of distribution for clothing, hygiene items and baby food. 


Upon starting operations on Samos, we began supporting the cleaning up of waste within Vathy camp. Our visiting and community volunteers collected hundreds of bags of waste, in an effort to improve living and hygiene conditions.


On rented land located in front of Vathy camp, we hosted activities for children including face painting, sports activities and dancing to provide a safe space during they day throughout 2019.